In her keynote, Cynthia Breazeal discussed the effort she is leading to develop a comprehensive K-12 AI literacy program.

Featuring a keynote by Prof. Cynthia Breazeal, MIT AI and robotics expert, the opening of this year’s event emphasized STEM’s ubiquity in and impact on today’s society

MIT Open Learning

“STEM technologists will shape our future,” said MIT President Rafael Reif during the kickoff to this year’s third annual Massachusetts STEM Week, organized by the state of Massachusetts’ Executive Office of Education and the STEM Advisory Council, in partnership with the state’s nine Regional STEM Networks.

It’s a statement that was echoed in various forms throughout the two-hour online event, which also featured remarks by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, Lieutenant…

In their online xTalk, Prof. Sanjay Sarma and Luke Yoquinto, co-authors of Grasp: The Science Transforming How We Learn, shared a bold vision for the future of teaching and learning, emphasizing science-based practices, engagement, and access for all.

In Grasp, Sarma and Yoquinto make a case against applying reductive logic to educational practice.

“If we were going to produce content for the world, we had to base it on some science of learning. We would need to understand how the brain remembers, how it forgets, what the mechanisms of memory are, what the optimal length of a video is — and we didn’t have answers to many of these questions.”
— Sanjay Sarma

In a…

A mother holds her young daughter while they read together.
A mother holds her young daughter while they read together.

“As many of you already know, we struggle with literacy in this country, with half of our fourth graders, even pre-COVID, unable to read at grade level.” — Reach Every Reader Executive Director Liz City


On April 29, members of the Reach Every Reader team held a discussion on their recently created literacy apps as part of the MIT Open Learning Talks series. The conversation was led by MIT’s Eric Klopfer and featured an introduction to Reach Every Reader by Executive Director and Harvard professor Liz City. …

Wall covered in multicolored sticky notes with appreciative messages on them.
Wall covered in multicolored sticky notes with appreciative messages on them.

MIT OpenCourseWare

In April 2021 we kicked off the celebrations of 20 years of OpenCourseWare with a virtual anniversary event and tributes to the community of MIT faculty, OCW staff, and learners who have helped make these first two decades possible.

One of the highlights has been hearing from learners and educators around the world about their experiences with OCW, and the impact specific OCW courses, professors, and resources have had on their lives-from introducing perspectives that jumpstart a new educational journey to providing tools to make change in their communities.

Here are a few of the inspiring reflections on…

The story of my journey to MIT

View from inside the Kresge auditorium of the sun shining and casting shadows on the ground in the foyer
View from inside the Kresge auditorium of the sun shining and casting shadows on the ground in the foyer

By Zhutian Y., Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

This is a story about an imperfect person finding her way towards incredible mentors and places. One day, I wish to hear your version of this story.

4 years ago, I was a sophomore in Singapore, studying signal processing and software development. I wasn’t the person I aspired to be — I wanted to be someone with good social skills and impressive extracurricular activities, someone who would graduate and go on to work in a bank or a consulting company — because that’s what I found the smartest students do…

By Kevin Shao, MIT ‘23

There are so many phrases that I’ll never hear the same way again:

“Can you hear me now?”
“Sorry, my Wi-Fi is bad today.”
“Can you see my screen?”

And like many of my classmates, any of these phrases instantly remind me of the pains that come with virtual learning, from squinting at nearly postage stamp-sized videos of professors to horribly awkward lags in lecture when none of 200 students want to answer a question. …

Star trail across the MIT dome. Photo: Evan Kramer

In honor of MIT Space Week, the Institute’s annual celebration of all things astronautical, we’ve put together a list of free MIT resources you can access to explore the cosmos, right from your computer.

Listen to space-themed episodes of MIT OpenCourseWare’s Chalk Radio podcast:

Explore courses and materials from MIT’s space experts:

MITx courses:

MIT OpenCourseWare materials:

Gold and red logo reading “OCW @ 20”
Gold and red logo reading “OCW @ 20”

Heading into OCW’s third decade, we reflect on opening MIT’s teaching and learning resources to the world, and look forward to what’s ahead

“In creating OCW, MIT launched a quiet but profound educational revolution. It unleashed the global open sharing movement, and helped pave the way for the worldwide phenomenon of open digital learning.”

- L. Rafael Reif, President of MIT

In April 2021, MIT OpenCourseWare celebrated its first 20 years with a virtual birthday card, a retrospective in MIT News, and an online celebration featuring some of the platform’s founders, alongside faculty, staff, and learners from around the world.

Access free selected course materials and full MOOCs for all 12 subjects named world’s best by QS

For the ninth year running, QS World University Rankings has named MIT the world’s best higher education institution. This honor is accompanied by top rankings for 12 individual subject areas, ranging from the natural sciences to computing, engineering, and architecture.

Since 2001 with the launch of MIT OpenCourseWare, the Institute has maintained a commitment to opening up access to its educational materials and resources to learners worldwide. This means that you can access individual course materials and full online courses from the world’s leading educators through OpenCourseWare, and full Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) through MITx on edX. …

A collage showing images representing courses across various disciplines
A collage showing images representing courses across various disciplines
Of OpenCourseWare’s founding in 2001, MIT professor and Dean for Digital Learning Krishna Rajagopal says, “It was the best thing MIT could have done at that moment for MIT and for the world.”

Celebrating 20 remarkable years, MIT OCW looks to the future, informed by learning needs underscored by the Covid-19 pandemic.

MIT Open Learning

“It is typical of our faculty to come up with something as bold and innovative as this,” said then-MIT president Charles Vest at a special gathering of community members and press in April 2001. “OpenCourseWare looks counterintuitive in a market-driven world. It goes against the grain of current material values. …

MIT Open Learning

Transforming teaching and learning at MIT and around the globe through the innovative use of digital technologies.

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