MIT Refugee Action Hub celebrates the graduation of its third and largest cohort yet.

Project offers a deep dive on deepfakes

“In Event of Moon Disaster” in green text, set against a back-and-white shot of the surface of the moon
“In Event of Moon Disaster,” an MIT Center for Advanced Virtuality Production

Text-based graphic reads “The best online courses of all time” with image of 5 stars and Class Central logo.

How an online MIT course and subsequent book influenced learners studying rapid changes in the workplace.

Building on research about deeper social-emotional engagement

Little boy whispering into Dad’s ear while sitting on couch.
Photo by Prostock-Studio on iStock

9/11 Memorial and Museum

Four books by MIT Open Learning community members

Woman sitting on a bed with opened laptop, books, and notebook.
Photo by Windows on Unsplash

Two students wearing masks talk to each other on MIT campus. One is standing and one is sitting.
© All rights reserved by MIT Image Library

Recent reports show millions of higher-skilled jobs are going unfilled because the U.S. lacks the workforce education system to train those who can fill them. The labor market information chain is broken: Workers don’t know what skills they need, educators don’t know what skills to educate for, and employers don’t know what skills workers have. Photo: Jeswin Thomas/Unsplash

An adult and a child work on a tablet and a robot
Photo by Robo Wunderkind on Unsplash

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